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  • 4 supplements every single person should be taking!
    4 supplements every single person should be taking! Everyone’s weary of supplement companies nowadays and just how accurate their labels are and what’s actually present in them.  While it’s true big Read more
  • Is Your Job Killing You?
    Is Your Job Killing You? Our careers are what allow us to give the things we want to ourselves and our families. But at the same time, the stress that many Read more
  • Why your whole family should see a wellness chiropractor!
    Sometimes a patient looks flabbergasted when they see a whole family (babies, kids, teens, parents) come into our office and one by one get adjusted.  They simply didn’t know that Read more
  • Why A Chiropractor For Ear Infections?
    Why a Chiropractor for Ear Infections?  Many people have been hearing that some people are starting to go to the chiropractor when they are suffering from chronic ear infections, especially with Read more
  • Tips to improve your posture!
    Last week we talked about how important posture is to our health.  Many of us take it for granted until it starts to cause serious problems.  People get stuck into Read more
  • Why your posture is hurting you!
    Is your posture making you unhealthy? May is national posture month! Our generation is the text generation, the group that constantly cranes their necks down to check their phones and other mobile Read more
  • Who Wants More Energy?!
    Who Wants More Energy?! Why am I tired all of the time? Where can I get more energy? The solution for most of us is to grab that quick energy drink Read more
  • 5 tips to drink more water every day!
    5 easy tips to drink more water every day! 55-60 % of our bodies are made up of water! So many of us fail to drink the recommended amount, and use Read more
  • How to boost testosterone naturally!
    Boost your testosterone naturally! A majority of males are familiar with the hormone testosterone, based on the fact that it is often associated with “manliness” and masculinity.  While it’s true that Read more
  • How to Beat the Flu This Spring!
    How to Beat the Flu This Spring! It is that time of year again when you can finally go back outside and start enjoying some sun after a long cold winter. Read more
  • How I Finally Got Healthy!
    How I Finally Got Healthy! Enough is enough! We all say that we are going to try and start being healthier but what happens? We keep telling ourselves that and it Read more
    6 REASONS ELITE ATHLETES USE CHIROPRACTIC! Elite athletes all around the world use chiropractic! Whether you’re beginning your exercise regimen, an avid exercise enthusiast, a weekend warrior, or a serious athlete Read more
  • Read this before you bring your kids to a chiropractor!
    5 benefits of chiropractic for kids! A lot of people aren’t aware of the benefits that chiropractic can have for kids but the truth is babies, infants, and children can all Read more
  • Top 5 ways to beat the winter blues!
    Top 5 ways to increase your mood and energy in the cold of winter. Winter is finally here and if you’re like me it takes some transitioning to the shorter days Read more