About Us

  • Dr.

     Dr. Andrew Jahner was born and raised in Dickinson ND. He was raised by his parents Bernie and Sharon and grew up with his two younger siblings Brandon and Ashley. He has a very loving and caring family that was very interested in sports. Dr. Andrew was a three sport athlete all through high school and won a state championship in basketball and was a state placer in track and field. Dr. Andrew still loves to play organized sports and competes in them to this day.

                    Once he finished high school in Dickinson he attended North Dakota State University in Fargo. There he received his bachelor of science degree, became a dedicated bison fan, and met his beautiful wife Kate. From there, Dr. Andrew and Kate moved to Bloomington MN where Dr. Andrew attended Northwestern Health Science University. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in April 2015, which he brought back to the Fargo- Moorhead area to help serve the people of this community he loves.

                    Dr. Andrew discovered his calling and a true personalization of himself while in chiropractic school. By discovering the real cause and truth behind disease, he realized the life he and his family had been living was very unhealthy and because of this, they have suffered through such chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and strokes. He has witnessed the stress that disease can put on a family, and how it can come between families as well. He has found this calling and has dedicated his life trying to help families like his never have to go through the stress of disease and sickness. Dr. Andrew has made it his mission to serve as many people as he can in the Fargo community, one family at a time.

                    Dr. Andrew and Kate are so happy to be back in Fargo. They plan to settle down and start their family with a natural wellness lifestyle. They are unbelievably excited to see what the future has to hold for them in Fargo.

  • Dr.

    Dr. Nicholas Barney was born in Fargo, ND and grew up in the small town of Perham, MN.  His childhood was spent living and enjoying all the comforts of lakes country.   From a young age, sports and human performance was a major interest of his.  Upon graduating high school he decided to attend the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks for Pre-Medical education.  While attending school there his passion for athletic training and performance only grew.  Despite trying to learn how to help athletes and himself and achieve their full health potential several injuries and nagging health concerns continued to plague him. 

                      On advice from his parents, Todd and Stephanie Barney, he started to see his hometown chiropractor and also started shadowing a sports chiropractor in Grand Forks.  They helped him to realize that being sick and fatigued was not a normal health response.  The headaches that used to frequent him became nonexistent and he noticed an improvement in both strength and energy.  His whole outlook on the “Health”care field had been tipped on its head, and he decided to enroll in chiropractic school.

                      While attending Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN, Dr. Barney also completed his bachelor’s degree in human biology and also has a minor in psychology from UND.  He has his personal trainer’s certification and is also working towards several more, including corrective exercise and sports performance nutrition.  He graduated from Northwestern in April 2015 and set his sights on practicing closer to his family and hometown.  While attending chiropractic school he met and interned with several doctors who would serve as great mentors for him and really reinforce the vision of starting his own chiropractic clinic.

                       Dr. Barney is a firm believer that chiropractic can be the true key to unlock the body’s full potential and resist the effects of chronic disease.  He values and appreciates that chiropractic truly redefined what living a healthy life means.  Dr. Barney also believes that chiropractic is necessary for all ages, especially children, to truly develop a healthy foundation for young children to grow and thrive on.  He loves watching and playing sports as well as fishing and hunting with his father.  He loves reading and learning about new advancements in both chiropractic and human performance. 

                        Dr. Barney is incredibly excited to join and contribute to a growing health movement in an expanding    F-M area.  He looks forward to serving the community for years to come.